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Welcome to Concept Entertainment

Concept Entertainment is a  production and management company, based in Los Angeles, California.  Our website is being designed at the present time. So, if you would like to submit a screenplay or idea for either consideration of production or management, please send an email to:

 Due to the overwhelming amount of material submitted, we will only respond to any ideas which we are interested in. Should we be interested, we will contact you and send you a release form to fill out. Please then attach the filled out and signed form with the email we sent you and send us your script. We do not accept unsolicted mail, so save yourself the stamp. We will shortly have an online way to submit your story ideas, so please hang in there and use the above instructions until then. Thanks very much.

We are located at: Concept Entertainment 334 1/2 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.,  Los Angeles, CA 90036